Gene Mapanoo

Gene Mapanoo personal trainer owner fit for life

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Gene moved to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona. Graduating with a degree in Physiology, the majority of his studies were focused on exercise physiology with an emphasis on injury management and nutrition. Working while attending school full time, he has learned the importance of work ethic and balance in achieving one’s goals and that success really comes from within. As part of his professional career, he established one of the top training programs in the nation for the JCC Corporation, and was awarded Region Coach of the Year in boys' volleyball at Sabino High School. Currently, he is the founder and CEO for the company FIT for LIFE in Tucson and is working on providing an impact in the industry’s direction in personal training in regards to health, wellness, and performance.

Gene’s philosophy is that wellness is not only just a lifestyle but also a means to maintenance in sustaining a quality of life.  He believes that exercise can be fun yet challenging, and as our bodies change with age we need to train smarter not harder. “There’s no fun in being injured.” Education and excellent coaching can enable a client to take proper action to keep them motivated in their pursuit and maintenance of physical wellness, and the challenges that come with aging. 

Gene’s emphasis is on performance and rehabilitation, and he works with various age groups, from the young athlete to the older adult. He specializes in designing programs for people with elaborate medical histories, cardiac rehabilitation, injury treatment and management, limited abilities, sports conditioning and athletic training. “Life is about enjoying what we’ve been doing for the majority of our lives, and to be able to continue the enjoyment for the rest of our lives.”

Lisa Salgado


Lisa is a certified professional trainer, health coach and nutritionist who has been in practice for over thirty years. Her unique background and professional history include working as a critical care/flight respiratory therapist at the University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson. Lisa has important depths of knowledge in the human physiology and the essential need for a healthy lifestyle and body.

As an athlete, Lisa competed successfully in 16 marathons finishing in the top ten percent amongst women finishers in Boston, New York and Chicago. She completed three Ironman Triathlons. One of the Ironman finishes was in Arizona eight months after completing a year of chemotherapy and radiation.

She is a cancer survivor who understands the challenges of successful recovery from illness to a fit quality of life. Lisa's mantra is "No one likes being sick."

​Lisa specializes in progamming designed to encourage the acquisition of improved levels of agility, movement, balance and sports participation. Her clients consistently reach new thresholds in strength and conditioning.

Amy Vitt


Amy has been an athlete all of her life, and has worked in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years as a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective & Functional Movement Specialist, an experienced Yoga Instructor, a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and a Duke Integrative Health Coach. Amy’s passion is helping her clients continue to do the activities that make them feel alive, happy and free. Whether this means being able to hike or run the local trails, or crawl around on the floor with the grandkids, Amy’s instruction is all about functional movement. ​

Amy specializes in offering practical workouts that move your body in all planes of motion, challenging your balance, body control, coordination and overall body awareness. Amy’s clients describe her training style as engaged, challenging, attentive to form, creative, educational, and encouraging.

Amy believes that movement with awareness heals. She will help you get to know your own body and movement patterns by asking you to pay attention on purpose to how you are moving so that you get something beyond a workout. This process helps us delve in deeper so that we can get down to the root cause of any ongoing injuries or physical limitations. After each session, you'll walk away having learned something new about your body or mind. To integrate what you've learned, Amy might give you some movement homework to practice in the time between appointments. 

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