About Us


"Lisa Salgado is a fantastic personal trainer! I have been working with her for more than two years. She is also a nutritionist. She got me to lose 20 pounds before my total knee replacement and she helped me throughout the rehabilitation period. She makes sure you are doing all exercises correctly. When she left the Tucson Jewish Community Center to further her professional career, I followed her. I recommend her highly as one of the best trainers in Tucson."

- Tom Newman


"I have had Gene as my trainer for three years. I asked him to work on what I was bad at. I am still bad, but the progress has been remarkable. He can't make me the athlete of my dreams, but he is great at working with the raw material he is presented with."

- Mike Sarikas


"Lisa is a great trainer! The training I receive is top notch. Every training session is fun. Lisa helped me rehabilitate an injury in which I tore every tendon of the elbow. My training with Lisa focuses on keeping me strong and fit so that I can continue to play tennis at the highest level."

 - Bobby Present


"Gene will always have job security with our family. I continue to stay in shape because I'm the only thing between him and my wife."

 - Donald Diamond


"I could never sustain the activity level I do if it wasn’t for my training program with Lisa. After developing severe arthritis in my shoulder which required a successful shoulder replacement, the rehab and exercise program Lisa developed enabled me to regain and improve my strength, coordination, agility and flexibility. Thanks to Lisa, I now enjoy tennis, golf and my advanced training program."

- Diana Haas


"I started using Gene about five years ago with the intention of getting a program to help with my knee pain caused by arthritis and then work out by myself. Since that day I've seen Gene once or twice a week and will never stop going to him. The knowledge Gene has and how he uses it to help you is life changing! He truly cares about me and my health!"

- Bill Baker